International Business Disneyland Assignment Essay

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Country Factor Analysis 7

▪ Political Factor 7 ▪ Economic Factor 9 ▪ Social Factor 9 ▪ Cultural Factor 10 ▪ Legal Factor 11 ▪ Religious Factor 12

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Executive Summary:-



The world is getting smaller and smaller by new ways of technology and modes of communication. With the rapid changes in the globalization now every country is on the pathway to develop the international trade with different countries. India being a developing country developed countries like United States; United Kingdom etc. are keen on launching their
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There are various modes and attractive places for amusement and traveling in India and Indian people are becoming savvy and analytical for this. The entire energy of the management in Disneyland is now concentrated of exploring the Indian market and understanding the requirements of audience. The main target audience can be the children and young adults and also the people who need refreshment after their busy life schedules. The market in India is very dynamic and a large scale research is required in all the areas which directly affect the launch of theme park in India. This is a very capital intensive business which requires long-term planning. Amusement park Industry estimates more that 1400 crores business In India. Experts think that more that 400 crores Investment needed for Amusement park Industry. Looking at the population and education level of people in India the companies like Universal Studios, Sony and Disney etc examine the attractiveness of amusement park’s market in India. The foreign investors think that it can be huge benefit for them to start theme parks in India as there are majority of the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc. with maximum population and people awareness in the field of entertainment and leisure. Furthermore, the cost of labour force and cost of construction is very much cheaper in India which can an effective in company financial aspects.