International Business Midterm Essays

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International Business Management
Mid-Term Exam

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The term globalism or globalization generally refers to ___d__. a. increasing loyalty to your own country b. global competition characterized by networks that bind countries, institutions, and people. c. competition in an increasingly borderless world d. b and c only

2. Which of the following is correct about measuring globalization: C a. The United States is the most globalized country. b. Globalization is measured using only economic factors. c. Trade, travel, technology, and links with the rest of the world are four comprehensive measures of
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This action on the part of the government is an example of _____. a. nationalization b. repatriation c. expropriation d. confiscation

20. Under what form of law are past court decisions used as precedents? a. bureaucratic law b. civil law c. common law d. cultural law

21. ______ is based on a comprehensive set of laws organized into a code. a. Bureaucratic law b. Civil law c. Common law d. Cultural law

22. European nations are most likely to use which type of law? a. common b. Islamic c. civil d. custom

23. A _____ is an agreement by the parties concerned to establish a set of rules to govern a business transaction. a. procedure b. policy c. contract d. rule

24. Tariffs and quotas are examples of what types of policies? a. protectionist b. economic development c. free market d. political development

25. The Paris Union deals with ______. a. software development b. electronics and other high tech sales c. protection of patents d. international cooperation in reducing pollution

26. An international manager should choose technology that is _____. a. capital intensive b. labor intensive c. intermediate d. such that it suits the