International Classification of Diseases Coding Ii Essay

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International Classification of Diseases Coding II

Chapter 17 – 27

Chapter 17: 1. Which of the following anemias is caused by a failure of the bone marrow to produce red blood cells and may be congenital or acquired? A. Bone marrow deficiency anemia B. Sickle-cell anemia C. Aplastic anemia D. Thalassemia 2. Which of the following terms refers to either a reduction in the quantity of hemoglobin or a reduction in the volume of red blood cells? E. Anemia F. Coagulation defect G. Thrombocytopenia H. Leukocytosis 3. When a diagnostic statement of anemia is not qualified in any way, what should the coder do? I. Review the record for a surgical procedure; and if the
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There was no known history of cardiac or infectious conditions; basic metabolic panel was normal. Chemotherapy was held for a couple of days while erythropoietin was given for anemia.

Final diagnoses: (1) Symptoms related to chemotherapy-induced aplastic anemia, (2) adenocarcinoma of the prostate. Assign the appropriate codes.



9. Patient is admitted with severe anemia due to questionable gastrointestinal bleeding. Stools were heme positive in the ED. He was transfused with packed red blood cells from the blood bank with good results. Patient indicates he had a colonoscopy with polypectomy hours before admission.

Final diagnoses: (1) Acute posthemorrhagic blood loss anemia complication of polypectomy, (2) peripheral vein transfusion of packed red blood cells.

Assign the appropriate codes.