International Marketing

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Week 5 15.03.13
International Marketing
Social media

* Integrated approach * Integrated with various types of techniques * Two way communication * Link forward of how we need to think of communication with our audience *

* Do you give your customers a reason to engage with your brand * How can you get your audience involved in your brand. * Advocates for a brand * Word of mouth * World of mouth * People are spreading the world for you * People trust that kind of recommendation rather than companies ads. * How do we perceive the brand * Value of that brand * Different tools can be integrated together * Personalisation – loyalty cards, stores can track down what you buy so they can send you promotions

* Participation * Perception * Personalization

What do you do to cultivate lifetime advocates of your brand * Public relations * Integrity * Trustworthy * Try to develop those life time advocates

The return on investment comes from developing communities, creating content to be shared, and talking and listening directly to consumers

* Share the content with someone else * Listening rather than talking * Its not advertisement * Two way communication * You must listen to your consumer * That how you will get feedback * Try to communicate effectively with consumers or stakeholders * Very clear idea in terms of strategies

It is of course so much more; it is a completely different approach to interacting with consumers and customers

VIDEO Inspired bicycles – Danny MacAskill April 2009 * People are passing the message on, so more and more people watch it. * How would you evaluate the effectiveness of this video?

Core principle: you can’t sell everything to everyone.
So you have to SEGMENT the market.. into common groups (?) * Customers Ratings * Listeners also bought * Lets target the individual * What do customers ultimately buy after viewing this Item? * Customer reviews * Customers Viewing this