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This report will help us understand four main different points between the Saudi Arabia and New Zealanders in term of culture. They have the differences between gender, and social position attitude. Each country still have different opinion about working together and do it yourself. Moreover, the upgrading their social position is hard in Saudi Arabia. The final point in the first cultural difference part will mention about the vital element that make them become unique compare with others. There is religion. And the final part of this report, some recommendation about how Australian firms should do advertising effectively in Saudi Arabia will be make. II- CULTURAL DIFFERENCES:
Generally, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand can be represented for two big cultural clusters. The former can be seen as Arab culture, and over millions of people in this culture are influenced by religion, especially Islam. The latter represents for the Anglo culture that we often call Western culture in general. Therefore, they have many significant differences in their religion, decision making style, organizational structure, norms as well as special rituals. Thus, using some studies of Hofstede and Trompenaars will help to measure the cultural differences on a global basis.
2.1 Power distance:
The power distance shows the degree to which the level of acceptance by a society of the unequal distribution of powering in institution. According to the chart on an Appendix A, the Saudi Arabia (95) is higher than New Zealand (22) considerably in term of Power Distance dimension. It points out that there is a gap in gender as well as the social position in this country. The men have more power for making decision in the family. The women in this culture have “no voice”, and they must follow the men’s command. In business, the organizational structure is centralized. The leaders are often man, and there is unfair in working between men and women. That is a reason why the business environment in Saudi Arabia is stressful, and the law system is extremely strict. For example, if a Saudi Arabian woman hug, shake hand or greet with the person who do not know. They will be treated by the Islamic laws. However, the men have a right to shakes hands or kiss on each cheer of their friends as greeting.
By contrast, New Zealanders consider as friendly people. They are easy to say “hello” to strangers and willing to assist someone without being asking. Moreover, they have a free thought in greeting, and gender as well. That culture make New Zealand organizational structure is low hierarchy, and the employees feel free when they give their comment or ideas with their boss. Gender is no matter in working environment. They depend on their achievement, knowledge, or talent to step up to the higher position regardless who they are, and what is their gender. As the impact of culture, the law systems is fair, and the government of the country is follow the democracy. As the evidence, New Zealand has “the case law” that depends on each situation; the court will have different verdict after deeply investigation. Otherwise, the law system of Saudi Arabia is based on the “Koran book” and Prophet Muhammad, so the breaking law will lead the offender to be punished by the severe rule without considering for individual circumstance.
2.2 Individualism and collectivism:
This cultural dimension refers the degree to which a people in a society follow the individualism, or collectivism (Deresky, 2011, p.112).
According to the chart in Appendix, the New Zealand has higher score in this dimension. Therefore, New Zealand pay more attention to the self-reliance, and “can do attitude”. It is one of the most remarkable points in New Zealand culture. In reality, New Zealander try to develop their children by let them free to discover the world around them. So, New Zealander is quite active, and creative in studying, and working as well. As regards the society, an