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Globalization and Interconnectedness: A Global Grocery Story for Education By Kari Kendrick 9/30/2014

"Globalization means reconnecting the human community…. For centuries, we as a race have been migrating to different lands, exchanging goods, services and ideas to improve our lives. "With globalization our interconnectedness and interdependence have grown" (Chakravarti, 2014). Globalization is an important aspect of human interaction, and businesses. Many of the items that we buy daily have international origin or inspiration. Business such as McDonalds, Starbucks, HnM and Pepsi are global businesses that have presence across the globe. a few familiar signs that make me automatically comfortable. E.g. McDonalds, Ikea, H&M, Aldo….. It makes me think that I can survive in any land, due to the familiarity of these global icons” (Chakravarti, 2014) .These companies have become household names across the country. Globalization has evolved so much that “foreign” things have now become standardized. However, there will always be opportunities for global expansion. In class we discussed the ideas of cultural borrowing and worldwide branding. The fact that we have incorporated salsa, Canadian bacon, and Chinese food into our “American” cuisine proves that borrowing from other cultures is a humanistic ideal. Taking practices from another culture and molding them into your own