A Brief Note On International Operations

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International Operations

When I joined Inventive Health, my primary responsibility was to learn the operations of our International offices. Within 6 month period, International clients responsibilities have increased greatly, and I have now 85% of responsibility for 4 of our International Operations which included the following entities Canada, China, improved outcomes and Korea. I look forward to absorbing a 4th, Japan, in the very near future. I had very detailed experience in accounting but never did accounting for international currencies. This is a very involved process which begins by doing a full review of all reports sent in by our overseas partners, and communicating any questions back to them in a very timely manner. I create topside entries on monthly basis, and then prepare the data for loading into Peoplesoft software. After validating the reports in Hyperion to ensure all accounts are mapped appropriately, I also complete the Corporate Reporting Package by preparing BS, FS and Flux analysis. These reports are used as a tool to finalize the reporting process in Hyperion. It is my goal for the upcoming year to take 100% responsibility of our international operations.

Create Collection Process

I have taken a major role in the creation of a collections process which has had a positive impact to reduce the work load of my manager. This is an ongoing effort on weekly basis which I continue to maintain with as much drive and focus as I did at mid-year. I still take a very proactive approach to this process and check the aging on a daily routine. Calls are often made prior to an invoice becoming past due, in order to ensure timely receipt of funds. Making follow up calls to our customer I have very good communication relations with customer AP staff, which makes collection process faster and in efficient manner. By making calls and establishing contact lists and I have created strong business relationships with our clients.

Learn Revenue Recognition Responsibilities;

I was introduced to revenue recognition responsibility for call center. I began by learning how to properly recognize the revenue for about 10 of our call centers. I have absorbed the entire month end revenue recognition responsibility for call centers. in additional part