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Assignment Two: Final Paper Heather Smith

Jour 3400 April 28, 2010

The largest paper company in the world sits right here in Memphis, Tennessee, International Paper Company. They manufacture in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and North Africa. International Paper was established in 1898 and has grown to house 113,000 employees. The company achieves their success from the goals they stand for: “Good corporate governance is the foundation upon which we build and achieve our goals. We create an awareness of the importance of diversity, ethical behavior and personal integrity, which are our foundation. We support hundreds of community-based educational, civic and
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Because of the well established trust which lie between International Paper and the businesses they work with, they have fully lived up to the characteristics described by their slogans; dependable, reliable, efficient, a global leader, etc.
Being such a large company challenges and issues arise all the time. One of the latest issues the company is dealing with is on account of the competitive, cutthroat environment the business industry has. It forces the company to readily make changes in their policies so that they can compete with other businesses and bring about value for their customers and shareholders. Another change that is taking place in the International Paper Company is the time of LCD (last date of change) closes now at 5:00p.m. in the time zone of the customer on the specified day. The idea behind this new policy is to make the company even more dependable. On the other hand, it will make the company less flexible and fluidity is such an important aspect in this world. International Paper’s response to this was, "we are committed to building greater flexibility in the ordering and manufacturing process, and keep the people updated on our progress as we move forward. This we believe will help us provide better service to our customers” (
Although International Paper has been extremely