International Press and Communication: Structure and Key Technologies Essay

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International Journalism

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

-The main part of the world news is gathered from 3 main news agencies
-Rely on agencies to give them information, THEN the local press, but rarely talk to locals -reason why they all look similar -why is that so? (to be discussed later)
-technology can be an asset, but can also be a burden

International Press & Communication -International Dimension (overview)
-A. Structure: News agencies (wire services), international radio & TV, international newspapers and magazines
-B. Function: Speed information around the world as fast as possible, integrate global markets, make money because information is vital commodity
-C. News Flow Content: Speaks to coverage patterns in global media; who is covered? What is covered? How are events, places and people covered? Who makes coverage decisions and why?

Structure of Global News -News Agencies (wire services) -AP (Associated Press) -Reuters -AFP (Agence France Press) -TASS -UPI (United Press International) -Hsinhua -Regional & National Agencies -Novosti (Russian) -InterPress Service (Italian) -PANA (African) -PTI (Indian) -International Radio & TV -BBC -VOA (Voice of America) -CNN (Cable News Service) -Al-Jazeera TV/Al-Jazeera America -STAR-TV -NEWS CORP/FOX -Radio Moscow -RFI (Radio France International) -Natl broadcasters / I-Net radio

Function of Global News: Speedy Diffusion