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International Relations Debates
That we should deploy troops in Iraq
We = West (US, UK, AUS) – Australia in collaboration with Gulf States (Qatar, Kuwait) + Iran (30 000 current troops)/Saudi Arabia.

Affirmative Case:

Destruction of cultural heritage in those states.
Forcibly take over oil supplies.
Beheading people.
Sharia Law: Sexual violence, Violent Law, Enslavement (6000), Legal Marriage Age is 9.
Any worshipping of Gods/idols is considered bad (Apostasy) – you are an apostate if you are Shiaa (Iraq 70% Shiaa), ever participated in secular election, didn’t declare allegiance to the Caliphate.

Ideology: - Territory + Caliphate – Expansionist.
Many allegiances declared: Boko Haram, former Al Quaeda

Repression of Sunni minority in Iraq.
Saddam Hussein = Sunni, USA + Nouri Al Malachi – Shiaa
IS = Sunni
Many members met in USA Iraqi prisons
All of these members are Sunni, and consider the USA to be intimately involved in their repression.

20 000 foreign fighters in ISIS (20%)
In 2014, more British people joined ISIS than British army

Why Existing Measures Not Working:
1. Drones/Bombing Campaigns:
2. Foreign Forces from Iraq:

Drones and Bombing Campaigns:
1. Easy to hide IS from drone attacks.
2. Urban centres with civilisation.

Foreign Fighters:
1. Iraqi army is very weak
2. Kurds can’t defend/won’t defend all of Iraq
Why this would work in the short-term:
1. Massive power disparity (USA defence budget $4 trillion, ISIS $2 Billion.)
2. IS are unlikely