International Student Informative Speech

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Informative Speech

The Process and Challenges of Being an International Student Studying in the United States.

Purpose: Inform audience and give information about the challenges of being an international student.

My thesis: School is harder for students from different countries because they have to get used to a new culture, language, and learning in a new environment. International students have the challenge of adapting into a new culture, learning a new language, and living and studying at a distant school, far from their homeland.

I. What if you figured out that you would have to move from your home to go to a new school? What if this place had a language that is totally different than the one you first learned as a child?
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I hope that after I finish my talk you will have a great sympathy for the international students.

IV. I will discuss the following components of being a student from a different country.
A. To start, the requirements of becoming a student at the university.
B. The steps of becoming used to the new culture and university.
C. Technical struggles, such as gaining fluency in the new language.
D. To finish I plan to give details about the difficulty involved with being far from family and your community.

Transition: Before one worries about the responsibilities of a student they must first be accepted at their university. I will now talk about the process of getting accepted.


I. Upon completion of my degree back in Saudi Arabia I chose to apply to ISU. The process for applying was very laborious and long. I was pleased to get accepted to ISU after that I had to follow the appropriate step of becoming a legitimate student within the United States.

A. All international students must complete various steps and jump thru various loopholes.

1. After applying to the university and getting accepted it is important to pay all the necessary fees to get in to the
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Language difference are also a huge hurdle.

III. Most of the international students who come here never had an opportunity to learn English. They have to really work hard once they come here to learn it.

A. English is easy for people who grew up know it.

C. Some languages, such as Arabic, are very vastly different from the English language and others are more similar.

1. Arabic and English are not the same. Arabic students have to work very hard in order to master it.

2. English for me was very hard. Language difference confused me a lot and made my grades suffer while I was in school here.

a. Fluency in English is required to attend a university here.

b. The challenge is not only the work of a university but also having that university in different language than what you are used to.

c. The students who come from another country feel very embarrassed because it is hard for them to speak. They cannot compete with people from places with in the United States. This makes them feel very