Essay on International Students in CBU

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Do international students in CBU satisfy with life in Cape Breton in terms of applying what they learn to a job? This is gonna be my arp project topic. In order to develop this topic, the reason why international students chose to come to CBU and their expectation of the academic program is the first thing that I need to compare their assumption to the real situation they have here. The academic program is what equips them with working skills and that will greatly influence their current or future job option. Cape Breton Regional Municipality(CBRM) is forecasting declines in population growth rate due to low birthrates and aging population. These declines will result in serious labor shortage in the coming years, while Cape Breton has been trying to attract more international students to come. Getting high-educated students to the jobs need people is ideal for the region as well as essential for international students. However, when those international students are still in their native nation, choosing a foreign university and the program are not an easy decision to make, especially when Cape Breton University is not one of the top five universities in Canada and Cape Breton is not a metropolitan center in the province of Nova Scotia. What factors do international students care about in choosing a future university and program and how they believe that life in Cape Breton can bring them may change the strategy of university or the province effort of building better environment for international students, and attract them to stay in the province in a long-term. The majority of international students in CBU are registered in the Hospitality program, the business program, and the engineering program, while only a few of them are registered in Nursing, Public health, and psychology. After a period time of studying in CBU and working in Cape Breton, how do international students describe the academic program and their work experience? Would them actually think all what they learn helps in their work, and then continue to work in the company they have been work for? Or they just want to finish their study as soon as possible the find another job in other area of Canada? If that is the case, what Cape Breton university and companies should improvement to make their working experience more satisfied? This will be important for the study, cause academic programs are the foundation of preparing international students to become a future immigrant who will contribute to the future economy of Canada, and their satisfaction of academic programs is the guarantee of more international students coming in the coming years. By analyzing