A Short Note On Globalization

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Globalization has positive and negative effects on social, political and economies

on the countries it touches. There are mixed feelings on whether or not globalization is

a positive or a negative thing. Globalization is even harder to define, but it is basically

the integration of different countries economies around the world. The basis is to

minimize inequalities and to increase business opportunities.

Globalization in Asia has opened up the opportunity for free trade, which is being

able to buy and sell products and services without any trade barriers or regulations

between the countries. China for example has had a big increase in international trade

and investments across the borders. Trade agreements allows for the products and

services to be imported and exported at lower rates. Almost every country is buying

and using products that originated in China. China seems to be the country that has

had the most positive affects of globalization. The growth of the worldwide financial

markets has lead to better financing and borrowing opportunities for everyone. If China

continues to grow at the substantial rate it has been, it will have enough wealth, industry

and technology to be equal contenders with the United States (Effects 2012).

Some other positive aspects of globalization are the updates in technology and

communication. The upgraded modes of communication have made it possible for

remote locations in underdeveloped countries to have the ability to become part of the

open markets (Effects 2012). The internet gives an easy means for communication

across the world. People from every background can be linked up via the internet.

People with different lifestyles and different cultures link up and find common bonds.

Global telecommunications the new growth and expansion of the markets is leading to

more competition which in turn means companies have to do more to make their

products better to stay in the market. More competition leads to better prices and better


Globalization has even had an impact on the tourism and travel industry.

Underdeveloped countries such as Iran would have never been a hot spot for travel and

leisure. But the construction and growth, across the world, of hotel chains has changed

travel. The more travelers and visitors the country has the better off their economy will

be. American fast food chains have integrated into the international scene more and

more the last few decades. The expansion of these fast food chains has some

concerned about the negative health effects these kinds of restaurants will bring. Fast

food is convenient, easy and cheap so it is easy for people to make it part of their

regular routine. In some countries the fast food chains have crossed boundaries on a

religious level by, unknowing to customers, serving beef in the restaurants when some

religions do not allow the consumption of beef. Restaurants that serve what we think of

as ethnic food have been come a common in the United States. Chinese, Japanese,

Mexican, and Mediterranean fare is everywhere you turn now. We have taken to foods

of different cultures just as the different cultures worldwide have taken to ours.

Globalization has even had an impact on international sports. Games are widely aired

and watched now around the world. The Olympic Games and the World Cup are highly

interactive with most countries.

There are some negative effects of globalization, one of which is American

companies are outsourcing manufacturing and white-collar jobs to different countries

because the operating costs are much cheaper. That in turn leads to fewer jobs

available in the United States. At the same time it is a positive thing for developing

countries that the American companies are building there. More jobs for the citizens

mean there will be more