International Trade and New Zealand Essay

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In international business subject I have given assignment on importing a product from different country. I am selecting India. In it I have to import motorcycle of Bajaj Company, Platina 100 cc into New Zealand. So, for this I have to evaluate various risk, trade barriers, arrange transport from factory to Nelson city, payment arraignments with supplier and many more things which comes in the way to import motorcycle.

Company description and synopsis
Bajaj group was founded in 192 by Late Mr. Jamanlal Bajaj and now Bajaj has entered in 30 plus market, they are Auto market, Electronic market, Real estate, travel, insurance, finance etc. Bajaj has four manufacturing plant in India, two in Waluj, one in chakan and one in Pant Nagar in Uttaranchal. We have to import our goods to New Zealand by sea because it is the safest and affordable mode of transport. As Bajaj group manufacture Platina motorcycle in Waluj and Chakan plant so the nearest port is in Mumbai that is Jawalharlal Nehru Port. First we have to arrange transport from manufacturing plant to this port and latter from port to direct nelson. [ ( ]

To import goods from another country we need certain documents and other things. Firstly we have to contact Bajaj Company so that we can tell them that we have done market research in our country and we are thinking that this product will be successful in our country so that they think that New Zealand is good market for