International Trade Debate Essay

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International Trade Debate The American economic position may be presenting signs of
Recession, which is disrupting the confidence of the U.S. dollar. The
Reaction of this is the downsizing of homes being bought, and the
Unemployment rate. The world trade organization argues for free trading. They base this
Idea on how increased competition would strengthen industries by
Innovation and invention. The lower overhead cost in developing
Countries may cause challenges for companies in industrialized nations
To remain competitive. Tariff and quotas are intended to protect
Domestic producers, saving domestic jobs and reducing effects of world
Trade on the environment. The consumer loses due to the increased
Cost to products; the suppliers can also lose. For instance suppliers in
Other countries have the retail cost rise under a tariff. If the customers
Cannot afford the cost of the supplies then the sales of the products
Will drop, due to the lack of the sales. As a country people have to be
Taxed to make money, this is true of all countries so that the countries
Can grow and move forward. The quota is a trade guideline that is
Set so that the nation is protected regarding the amount of goods and
Services in a set time frame. Tariffs and quotas were designed to control the amount of imported goods that are traded and delivered in to any one country. They are also used as a…