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After five weeks tutorial, we move from the topic of company sustainability to Corporate Social responsibility. During the last five weeks study, my knowledge about company’s social responsibility is wider and deeper than before.

Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large. In the lecture nine, we were taught what the CSR is and how to view it by different ways. If CSR is viewed in shareholder model, this responsibility will only be launched in order to gain favors from investors and the purpose to do so is due to self interest and philanthropic approach. On the other side, if CSR is viewed in stakeholder model, it also recognizes need for corporate self- interest, but from an enlightened self-interest perspective and acknowledges a social role for business in society. After this chapter, I have rethought about the suicide cases happened in Foxconn which is one of biggest electronic manufacturer in China. It happened between January and November 2010 when eighteen Foxconn employees attempted suicide, fourteen of which were dead by dropping from floor. Then the labor union and government department investigated into this issue and found out the reason for suicide. Most of employees were working under huge pressure with long working hours, low pay rate and lack of human right. As some employees’ reflection, employees are working twelve hours per day and only have one day off per month. They should concentrate on working continuously otherwise they may get injured by operational machine. After a day’s work, they felt exhausted and sometimes they may go to bed directly without eating anything for dinner. Further, employees are only paid about fifty cents per hour and they cannot resign otherwise they will pay compensation to the company. Also, sometimes they are not allowed to visit their family if the company gets a big contract. These unethical behaviors to employees result in their physical and physiological problems. According to what I learned from CSR, I think Foxconn does not align to their social responsibility commitments in their social report and their behavior is not beneficial to the public.

In addition,