Internet Advertising Essay

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Internet Advertising Pros and Cons:


* Cost-effective – It can potentially work out cheaper than putting an ad in your local newspaper. An Internet advertisement package can be as low as 10 dollars per month or is determined by a set number of “hits”, which varies accordingly with each advertiser. * Instant satisfaction –customers can see your ad worldwide, buy and shop without leaving home. That sort of convenience is hard to beat. * Highly targeted – You can target your audience effectively. If the product's target audience is mainly the younger generation or the corporate world, online advertising works best due to the increasing amount of these audiences surfing the Internet. * Testing – Offers the ability for your audience to respond directly and immediately. For example, if you create a brochure, you have to print and distribute it before you are able to measure response. On the Internet, response is lightning fast. Also, since it’s relatively simple to switch out banner ads, online advertising gives you the ability to test creative campaigns and fine tune messaging. This can help increase effectiveness of your campaign and improve results. * Easily changeable – you can change your ad much easier. When you need to alter your online ad, no printing or taping is required. Just change the HTML that created the online ad and you're done in a matter of minutes. * Instant Contact – The ad works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It's always nice to know your advertising is working for you around the clock and around the world, so that your customers can view it at their convenience rather than any specific time. You have 24/7 accesses to your advertising. People are more likely to share their experiences with your product. Sharing via social networking sites is popular, and many companies are working that feature into the campaigns themselves. * Easily test- You can easily test the market. You can add a counter to your company's Web site to see how many people visit your site.


* Competition – there is a lot of online clutter. The competition is only driving your costs up and you