Internet: an Unknown World Essay

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Jonatas da Silva Bezerra
Internet: An Unknown World Social networking is a wonderful technology. We are all in touch with each other and updated on each other’s lives. Some problems have come about because of all the sharing and connectivity too, so you have to be careful with social networking sites to avoid problems.
The first problem is wasting a lot of time online. Some people are addicted to these kinds of sites, and sometimes these people usually do not have a real social life. In some cases, they meet other people and keep contact more online than fiscal. Sometimes, we know more about people who live abroad than those who live right next door. Also, they do not manage their time well, so they do not do their tasks and obligations. It can be bad for their work, studies, relationships, and so on. Another problem is being in dangerous situations because sometimes you really do not know who the person is that is talking with you. There are many kinds of people on social networks, and everyone can pretend being anyone in a social networking. You cannot trust in everything or everyone online. There are many cases of kidnaping, murdering, and stealing between people that meet each other online. You have to be careful when you are meeting a person online. The most important problem is being exposed on the internet. Some people share personal information, such as identifications, photos, addresses, and phone numbers, on social networks. Sometimes people share…