Internet and Internet Service Provider Essay examples

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Exam review ch. 9,10,11,12,13 * Need to do the online survey or else your final WONT COUNT!! * Phishing is false statements from hackers sent to mislead individuals to giving away private info thinking it’s the company. * UCLA: University Caifornia L * HTTP: Hyper text transfer protocol * .com,.net…etc: is the domain code * IP: Internet protocol * Most important thing on an internet is content * Caching is when the browser stores copies on a users computer previously used. * ISP(Internet service Provider) * E-Commerce: B2B-Business 2 business, B2C-business 2 consumer ,C2C- consumer 2 consumer * Maleware: worms,Trojan horse, spyware, adware * Email is most typical internet communication * VoIP * Intranet is a private version of the internet * HTML(Hyper text markup language): is the basic language of the internet * Elements are forms of tags * 2 styles of websites: Static or dynamic * Fat client: robust program, bad distribution. * Thin client: uses the internet browser, good distribution bad language(HTML). * Risk assessment- knowing what to if something unplanned happenes. * DoS: Denial-of-service attack is the worste virus * Reverse Phishing/Keylogging- People using a bad wifi and hackers put keylogs into their computer to steal information. * Internet fraud: usually stealing credit cards * History: is a list of the cached websites on a clients computer. * Shoulder surfing, dumpster diving,spam (ch11. Check more info) * SCAM * Ch.12(REVIEW MORE)! * Accounting department: GAAP(Generally accepted accounting principle) are accounting rules. * Production * 5 business parts are…