Internet and Professor Neiman Ebs Essay

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Marissa Johnson
Professor Neiman
EBS 021 016
2nd April 2013
Essay Four – Inventions

Different inventions have been brought into this generation. The most beneficial invention has to be the Internet. The Internet has opened up a wide spectrum of possibilities for all ages. The web has made is easier to research, encourages others to go green, and connects people across the globe. For many people alike, the Internet is a gift from above. Schools have made it extremely hard to use books for researching. Many professors want students to add more dazzle to their papers and using books is not enough these days. The web is used because it shortens the time the student has to look for information. The Internet has become such an integrated aspect of college life; even professors use it more than students. Some people think it is cheating; however, students find it a short cut on a difficult assignment. Since the Internet has involved itself more into college life, the world has also gone a little greener. Since books are not being produced as much as in previous years, trees are now being saved. This causes a domino effect and more companies are doing it as well. Many doctors’ offices in New Jersey are switching to paperless charts, decreasing the amount of paperwork by high percentages. With less trees being cut down to make books, the world looks a little prettier. With many new jobs opening up in the world, people are traveling great distances. A student at…