Internet and Tesco Essay

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What is the purpose of Tesco’s website?
The purpose of Tesco website is so that they can establish an Internet presence. Them having an online website will develop the companies professional image. It will give information about the business, give people good impression and provide better customer service. Tesco’s website can also increase public awareness of their companies name and brand it also offer customers many useful services, information and the chance to buy products directly over the Internet using credit cards and debit cards. One of the main reasons of this website is to make money.
What service does Tesco’s website provide?
Tesco’s website offers us many services, we can choose whether we want to go to the store to buy what we want or use the online service and get it in our front door. The best thing is that you have the option to chose one thing that comes from many branding and Tesco have their own made products and the website provides information telling us tesco’s own made products are cheaper and they notify us what’s on sale. They also provide us information on all the things that they do such us holidays, insurances, banking, clothing’s and food. They even have a compare section where you compare the things that you want and tell you the difference so you get to choose the one you like best.
Who is likely to access Tesco webpage?
The people that are more likely to access Tesco’s website is people who like to shop from Tesco and would like to