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The Information system that has provided some useful training for Mission Essential LLC has served as a training tool this program allows all personnel to attain the required training that is need to accomplish the mission that is prescribed to their job. There is even more training which is provided in the course listing. E-Learning allows Mission Essential the opportunity to provide their employees with access to web based trainings, trainings designed to provide employees with a flexible environment to complete required trainings. Every month there is a requirement that is posted to all employees to do for quarterly training, while some of this can be mandatory requirements for certain positions. While, the assumption that the hardware and software for this type of Information system can be ran from a client that is based from a web server, all the information can be stored on an internal hard drive, but for something like this it would be best to keep it on its on dependent server this way it doesn’t have any issues with being corrupted by other programs. The software is much like a web page that creates a training page for that specific person who is trying to do some training, The way it works is the when you login to the web using your identification and password it sends a that specific authorization asking for permission through the IP address associated. This would travel through the world ISP to another regional ISP and then to a local ISP, once it has reached the client it then travels through a T1 line which then bypasses the LAN for network authorization to access the information being requested.
The likely hood of this program being more like a FTP server is possible and can be helpful also due to the different types of training that is being required of a person to download and view, this way they can receive the information at a quicker rate than what is allowed through a bandwidth constraint. It can There are different ways that you can actually login, from the web server is best way the other is a Virtual Private Network, and this is allowed for only users that are in harm’s way such people that are with military in Afghanistan and remote places. The connection be encrypted through VPN channels.
The program does come with glitches though, but wouldn’t say it’s a glitch other than a requirement that you use a certain type of Web Browser over others because of the it could be displayed differently that other browsers would, so the recommendation is to use are Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (Recommended Internet Explorer Version), Firefox 3.6, Chrome 4 and Safari 4 (2H 2012), even though the recommendation is to use the following browsers it is better to view in Firefox 3.6. It’s just best that you use the most updated web browser. The clients server which able to house the data that is needed for the program has been written so that there is an automated response each level of training once a person is placed into the server as part of the program itself evaluates the restrictions of what current training is needed. Once you have accessed the information need to login, the page comes up and has different choices for one to choose so you can navigate through the training, to get started you navigate through the My learning page to review the learning plan that is associated to you and what the company has required you to do for the certain job at hand. After you have enrolled and the courses, review your enrollments and familiarize yourself with the timeframes required for your mandatory trainings. This will be something already associated to your profile to do, but there will also be