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As a student to collect the information for writing is very important things . All of known ,library and the internet as two major sources of information for use in academic written .We can get any information what we want from library and internet .When we chose to use two of them ,we will thinking their limitation and advantage .Like Content richness ,selective and compare .so which one is the best chose in different people has different choice .Some of students like go to library to collect information ,some of student would rather to use internet . Library as a traditional to get information source .It is collecting, collating, collect books data for people to read, reference institutions, as early as 3000 BC in the library, the library has preserved human cultural heritage, development of information resources, to participate in social education function.Many students think that the most useful place in university are library and lab .so when you into university first thing is to find a good seat in the school library .in the library ,we cannot speak loudly ,cannot bring food and mustn't smoking etc.we can very carefully to read and study in here.because none trobble . However ,there are some corns for library .First point is limitation ,as we all know that book and information in the library is constant .some of the information is very old ,no creative .Second point is selective extent is too narrow .when we want to find some information ,maybe we cannot find in the library .Last point is renew is too slowly to compare .when we need a latest information and want to do some compare about the information ,we cannot to do it very well,because the library content is not so perfect .maybe some books you want to read ,but it is already borrowed by others . Internet as a information source ,it is a burgeoning High-tech product.Internet is generated in the end of20s. It makes human life more convenient and rich, so as to promote global the progress of human society. And rich human spiritual world and physical world, to make human the most convenient access to use internet study ,there are too many advantages .content is very rich ,we can find any information that we want ,it is no limitation