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Nowadays the world is developing in fast and incredible ways that seem like not too long ago, most people were still using public libraries and big encyclopedias to search for information. Now, the Internet is one of the most important, fastest, and comfortable resources available to every single person. It is clear that going to school or the known face-to-face learning is not the only way to attain a degree anymore; now millions of people in the world have the opportunity of improve their education online. But, is this a better way to do it? Are there more factors every person would have to overcome for being an online student?

It is a fact that studying online would give more flexibility to everybody, but working at their own pace could become one of their best friends or worst enemies if there is not a strong relationship between responsibility, compromise, self-discipline, organization, communication and time management. Many people who have decided to study online do so because they have a full time job, and kids and family, which make it harder to dedicate all their time and concentration to their studies. There are many resources that can help to have a better organization of time. Developing a plan, setting study times and creating a convenient schedule with a suitable place seem like the most important and first steps to make. After having organized the daily schedule and set times for multiple occupations, it is important to be aware that every day will bring