Internet Marketing Writing Assignment 1December 22 Essay

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“Internet Marketing: Writing Assignment 1”

December 22, 2014

Ta'Roryia D. Purnell

Instructor: Michael Jones

Aspen University

In my review of the course; I have learned that the internet has irrevocably transformed the

marketing field. Internet Marketing introduced new products, audiences and strategies. The internet has

opened unlimited avenues for businesses to market there products and services. Having these extra

added options to market a business is a great option for new and small businesses. Internet Marketing

can essentially provide free or low cost options for businesses.

This course also elaborated on the differences between Internet Marketing and Marketing.

Marketing is the process of executing the conception, pricing and promotion of product or services.

Meanwhile, Internet Marketing is the process of building and maintaining customer relationships

through online activities to facilitate the change of ideas, products and services that satisfy the goals of

both parties (Mohammed, Rafi, page 4: Internet Marketing).

This course covers a lot of information about Internet Marketing. I really enjoyed reading how

the internet opened so many doors for businesses. Cultivating a new umbrella to promote and grow a

businesses product or service. Essentially, Internet Marketing and all Marketing is an effort to build a

relationship. Rather than constantly hunting down new customers, we’d much rather create a valued

environment that benefits our existing readers and customers and keeps pulling them back (Retrieved


Internet Marketing change they way the businesses do business no longer are the days to only

have an option to shop by phone, catalog or face to face but an option incorporates all thee above.

Being able to provide a customer a way to view your products or service in the comfort of there own

home and on there own time changed everything we ever thought was possible for promoting and

marketing a business.

What I found to be the least interesting about this course is it doesn't specifically list the best

options to internet market or the best place to internet market. What I have found during my research of

internet marketing is social media is one of the number one underestimated ways to market. I

personally have a friend who has no website, blog and banners and makes a six figure living marketing

on Instagram through a free account. Social Media is definitely something this course should elaborate

more on; that would definitely make the course more updated and affiliated to today's marketing world.

I find it a bit interesting that the book elaborates on what Internet Marketing is, but doesn't give

a step by step to implement these options. The early 2000s was the forefront of social media, and

internet marketing and this late in the game it should definitely be apart of this course. Overall, the

things I found least interesting were only because they need to be either updated or more