Essay on Internet: Mobile Phone and Young People

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Access to internet and other sort of technology has become one of our daily life routine. Children start using computers from a very early age that is why they have a lot of skills of how to use all different type of technology, even sometimes better than parents. On the one hand, we can’t ignore the beneficial of internet and mobiles phone to our life, educationally and socially. But on the other hand using internet has a lot of bad impact on children because they vulnerable.
Using the internet without control can put children and young people at risk.
As I said before, children are vulnerable and can easily be mislead by others. One of the well-known social networking among young people is face book. On face book, young people put their pictures and private information like email, address, phone number, date of birth etc. This information can be used by others to do some illegal business or to abuse children. Even some young people put where they will be at some time of day or at special occasion, which allow potential abuser, know where they go and this will put them in a serious danger. Chartroom is another one, where children can chat to anyone who pretends to be the same age when he may be an adult who trying to gain their trust which may lead to grooming.
Some children while they are doing research may innocently misspell a word and a sudden picture may pop up. This will expose them to see inappropriate images which may affect their feeling. Furthermore, there is