Essay on Internet plagiarism

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Internet Plagiarism
In this day and age, the internet has become a right hand tool for many, especially, the technologically advanced youth. As much as this tool, can be great assistance to many, sometimes, it seems to have taken the place of the actual work, rather than being an aid to it. “A study conducted on 23 college campuses has found that Internet plagiarism is rising among students” (Rimmer 1). This idea of copying work online, has reached new heights among schools and education facilities. Students are relying more and more on the internet for sources of information and fail to or properly accredit it. Now it is becoming the “usual” thing to do, causing more and more students to be accustomed by it.

The sad ironical fact of this progressing online cheating dilemma, is that a large percentage of students neither see coping work online as cheating nor morally wrong. Students are failing to see that the issue of not acknowledging sources they retrieve information from is wrong. Donald McCabe a management professor at Rutgers University states that, ‘There are a lot of students …. ….who are convinced that anything you find on the Internet is public knowledge and doesn’t need to be cited” (Rimmer 1). Due to the increasing exchange of words, thoughts, ideas (commonly through social media) and practically everything online, students don’t give credit to where they first saw these things. It’s similar to how a saying or phrase can become popular online like the phrase “YOLO”. When someone later states it verbally to a friend they don’t say “YOLO! Hey I got that from Twitter from this girl called……..” That is rarely what someone says when they state a common phrase.