Photography And Social Networking

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Photography..its more than instagram . do teens well most teen s
Photography and social networks.
Cyber bullying and how to prevent it.
Is everyone a photographer now?
The era of photography and how it effects your everyday life .
Over the past 5 to ten year id say it has become more prominent that many people has gotten into photography, and has become more of a hobby and a bit less of an art. If you really think about it everyone is a photographer, between instagram . Anger, organization Internet privacy and how it affects you. Many people get on all kinds of websites and hardly ever realizes (with out any one bringing it to their attention) that most if not all of their information can be see and use by so many other sites and every one if they don’t make sure their information is safe and secure. Many social networks including the- oh- so- famous face book, freely make your information available to almost anyone including government officials upon request. If you don’t take much advantage of privacy setting on social networks, then you are definitely a candidate for privacy invasion. In the past few years social network have made things so open to the point where people feel comfortable

documenting every thing they do almost every waking moment of their lives. Sites like twitter, Facebook, and instagram are proof of this. More teens need to become more aware of there the house has already passed a bill just last week called CISPA which has threaten internet before but fell off. Companies are going to protest against the bill with