Internet Search Engines and Search Essay

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Introduction to Business Internet Basics 2

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Discuss the following:
1. ASK

2. Dogpile
Dogpile, one of the most popular metasearch engines on the Web, was launched in 1996. It is currently operated by InfoSpace, which recently streamlined its interface, giving it a new look and features. Using innovative metasearch technology, Dogpile searches the Web via the Internet's top search engines (see list below), claiming to fetch, with one single click, the best results from its combined pool of search engine sources. (Note: Although it now labels "sponsored links" these are interspersed throughout the results listings and are not always easy to spot. See the "sponsored by" note on the URL line.) Dogpile also displays result links on the right-hand side of the results page for clustering and refining searches even further. Thus, the searcher can drill down into narrower subtopics without having to use advanced search tools. For the intrepid researcher, however,Dogpile also offers an Advanced search page.

3. Clusty

4. Gigablast

5. Google

6. MSN Search

7. Yahoo!

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Discuss search strategies you can use to find what you want on the Internet.

It's always a good idea to THINK about your search before you begin. Create a search strategy in your head by asking yourself this question
In your search statement, if you enter more than one keyword without using any accompanying sign, mark or symbol (see Lesson 7 and Lesson 8 for explanations and examples), the search engine will automatically add either the AND or the OR conjunction to link your search terms together. This could radically alter your search in unexpected ways. Be sure you know the defaults (basic settings) of the search engine you are