Internet Service And Regular Service

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Internet service and regular service
Online dating service is a new use of internet. It is a combination of internet technology and traditional service industry. people can communicate with each other through the websites and any mobile devices that have software. It is convenient, fast, direct and efficient.
A dating Service is different from the physical products. People cannot touch the service and cannot have a direct trial. Generally, people usually prefer the actual use of products. The unreal feeling makes people feel unsafe. During the process of online dating, both service users are stay in a relatively passive position most of time, because two people are not sitting face to face. Most of the time, the only method for them is online communication. A good timely communication can increase the quality of service. However, communication may result in ambiguity and misunderstanding. After all, Online dating may make it more difficult to bring their relationship closer than regular dating .They may stay thousands of miles away from each other, or maybe they are from different countries.
During the whole dating service process, the service users must appear during the process. First of all, unlike the regular dating, it is possible for them to use mobile devices to communicate. It is easier to build a basic relationship for both sides. More importantly, it also can solve some problems in daily life. Regular dating can result in some conflict, online dating is different, they can connect with each other in a free time and location. the high quality of dating directly influences future development of the relationship. Service providers( websites) needs to build a long-term relationship with their members. These websites become the major stages for online dating service, but regular dating may have varied options. Next, service providers highly rely on the personal employee skills and problem solve skills. they must offer human function to their customers and help them achieve their goal.
PerishabilityService industry cannot create high growth and continued revenue in a short-term period. Online dating service creates a stage for people, but it cannot be managed personally. It is possible that people can choose different targets and have conversations at the same time.. Most of time, dating service has limitations on communication methods. Regular dating offers more options to both sides, such as cinema, park, lakes, trips to foreign countries. Online dating service has too many limitations from geographic location and time.
Compare the regular service with internet service, services providers always want to offer best service to consumers. Consumers would like to make the best choice for themselves. Online service providers offer different options to consumers immediately when consumers are making decisions. On the other hand, regular service is more flexible than online service, such as hotels can offer different kinds of assistants to consumers, but the online service cannot have a immediately service to their customers. It is a positive process for consumers when consumers accept regular service. internet security and threats
Among the questions about the internet and its service, security is the most sensitive topic to the public , because people are so worried about their privacy. By comparing the dating service with regular service, the most important difference is people cannot control the personal information being taken from the internet. All personal information is actually connecting together by the companies naturally, such as credit card, phone number, address, photos, even the personal habits. all the information is exposed on the internet. After the " Edward Joseph Snowden" event happened, the public is becoming more and more nervous about their privacy. The internet is not just a channel to connect the world any more,