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What are the definition and an example of a pointer?
Pointers are basically going to be a variable that controls and stores a value that is a memory address. It is in essence defined as a memory address. To provide detail on it further would be to explain it as if for example if we were to declare a variable of (number) it would come to resemble the case in point of (int number). Memory is occupied by this and all variables do this-occupy memory to varying degrees. We want to go on to declare another variable which we would next do by placing it under (int number) and have it as (int number-1). What we have accomplished is a pointer. It is a variable declared as a pointer to (int number). It is a pointer because of its action and you have (number-1) pointing to (int number) within the memory storage. So the pointer to (int number) is principally the components within our (int number-1). So the pointer in straightforward words would in fact is not a variable. It is instead a location-a precise and explicit variable will access, house and store the information within it.
What are the definition and an example of an array?
The definition of arrays is that they are considered to be a series of variables which are stored or housed inside of contiguous memory locations. The contiguous memory locations all have the same data type. As an array is defined as a variable that possess within it in excess of one value it has the ability to be pooled together