Application Questions: The University Of A Tcf Member School Students

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Application Questions Do you have a secret security clearance issued by the federal government? No Are you a TMCF Member School student? * Yes Do you have a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of a 3.25? * Yes Do you have a minimum of 30 credit hours completed at your current TMCF Member School? * Yes Do you have internship experience? (6-12 week paid or unpaid position) * No Tell me about a recent time you had to sell an idea to a group at school or work to gain their support. What was the idea, what were some opposing ideas? Describe the communication style you used to influence the group. What was the result?
Here at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, we have a group of students that are members of the National Society of Black Engineers program. As a group we all attend the national convention that is hosted every year in the spring. Everyone that is in an engineering-similar field does not take advantage of the opportunity they have of being able to acquire an internship and/or co-op position. We, the NSBE members, always try to convince the students in our majors to join us. We especially encourage the freshman to not wait until their junior and senior year to go, but to go now. By going now, they will be able to gain the experience of the events that occur at NSBE. Who knows, maybe even earn an internship as a freshman. There still are a few freshmen and sophomores who still think they have what it takes, and want to wait until they are ready to graduate to go. People who have had internships and co-ops explain to them the significance of going early have on your future career choices. In doing so, NSBE attendance has risen every year. If you just inherited a restaurant from a relative, what steps would you take to ensure its success?
If I inherited a restaurant from a relative, I would, first, enhance my cooking skills just for the fact that I’m the owner, so I should know how to do everything that I am hiring my employees to do. This is also so that I understand the needs of my chefs; therefore enabling me to provide for them what they need. Second, I would obtain some experience in all areas of the restaurant business; which is to also to know the responsibilities of my other employees. I have to catch up with the industry and ensure that I am on top of all the new trends. Next, I would have to check the business history and see if and where my relative was not succeeding. I would need to improve on his or her flaws and develop an even better budget plan. Last, I would need to always stay competitive to other restaurant businesses by improving my own business flaws.
Tell me about a time when you solved a problem that no one else could solve. How did you arrive at your solution and what was its impact upon implementation? I have worked for Husqvarna twice, once during the spring of my high school graduation and another time during the summer of my sophomore year in college. The first time I worked as a material handler, arranging and ordering inventory. The second time I worked for Husqvarna, I worked as a carousel assembler, where other coworkers and I were stationed in different areas throughout the day assembling outdoor lawn products. For about two weeks, every couple of days my groups' line would break down and we were unable to work; causing us to miss our planned production. No one could ever figure out why the line kept breaking. We rotated stations every so often; I noticed that the line always broke when certain people were at certain stations. I noticed that my coworkers were intentionally breaking the line by placing screws off into the belt. I reported the issue and the supervisors assigned a group to watch over workers on our line. As a result, the line never broke down again.
Describe a time when you worked on a project that made a significant contribution to the improvement of the community.