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My Internship Experience

I am currently in the processes of my internship, however it has taught me how to think and research outside the box. My internship requires me to fulfill the duty as a marketing consultant, for the LLC Construction Group. So far I have done research on the construction industry and it has provided me information on how the industry works and operates. I was given the challenge to gather as much information as possible with out contacting the direct source. The lesson learned, was how to gather information using unique, creative and strategic tactics to accomplish a goal. A few interesting things I have found were, profits and rankings of construction companies representing local companies as well as companies located in different regions of the country. It has shown me the effects of the construction industry after the rescission in 2008. Many industries have declined as for as productivity but surprisingly the construction industry has had the ability to maintain its presence in today’s economy. When comes to marketing construction companies its more than just posted signs outside of the construction sight. The most important thing about theses companies is keeping a great reputation. That is mainly done by providing a superior quality of service to its customers. Its many procedures that must take place before a project can be completed, from finances, meeting regulation requirements, to contacts and legalities. One of the most important things in this industry is projecting a accurate project completion date or period. That is something that is a common