Internship: Psychology and Intern Essay

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Psychology Internship Reaction Paper
Eric N. Self
Liberty University


The following paper will be a reaction to the experiences within the Psychology Internship. Several topics will be covered to include behaviors that were observed as well as reasoning for said behaviors. This paper will also encompass what the overall benefit was to the intern and what, if any, changes could be made to the experience to allow a more well rounded experience. The intern involved in the Internship requirement will outline a number of topics that were covered that were highly instrumental to the overall experience and how such an experience has changed him and his overall view of the next step in his process. The intern will
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The intern has placed her in counseling that has now begun to involve Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. Although this therapy will help her to deal with some of the traumatic experiences in her life, there are still the issues of lying and manipulation. The behaviors exhibited by the 15 year old are a direct result of the environment she was raised in, her father was absent emotionally due to his actions with the oldest daughter and his overall selfish attitude. The lessons taught during the formative and subsequent years have instilled a very big problem for the life of this girl and it will be a huge challenge to help her change 15

years of negative influences as well as the absence of both parents either physically or emotionally.
Theoretical explanations to support behaviors observed. For the purpose of the requirements of the internship paper, the intern will focus on the 15 year old girl for theoretical explanations concerning behaviors. The young girl being focused on in this internship has shown remarkable resiliency but also has shown obvious signs of learned behavior, which is predominantly negative. After spending considerable time with her and having numerous talks and interactions with her, it is obvious that what most fits her reasoning behind the behaviors is explained by Albert Bandura’s definition of Observational learning.