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August 6th, 2013

Executive Summary:
My project are helping two teams doing two jobs: funds marketing sales and analysis.
The project goals are different. For the funds marketing analysis, I am working in the
Planning and Development Department. It advises our council on the orderly development of the fund company by: first, preparing financial market analysis based on real time data every week; second, managing the direction of our new fund, for instance, open-end or close-end, conservative or higher risk, industry allocation. third, advising the existing products about dealing with the changing of the markets; last, designing new contracts and products for our company.
During the above, my main goal will be doing market analysis with my supervisor and the other one internship student using our computers and softwares. Each week, we have some important topics to study which is decided by the headquarters. After getting the topic, we will assign our work by our departement leader. Usually, I am doing the basic data analysis. For instance, on the first week of the June, we are required to analysis the trend of macro economy. My part will be getting the information during the recent five years about CPI and GDP, export and import and etc. After these marketing research and data analysis from WIND data base or National Statistic Bureau, I will note some opinions which are discussed by the other internship student and me, such as: we think which part will remain stable or accelerate or descend by the following reasons or numbers. I will show the process of one report I have done during the two months later.


My recommendations for this part are mainly about leadership. We are a team with 5 people including two internship students, Lanxi and me. My supervisor got lots of work to do, he only showed me a range of working and my goals, not including the details.
Lanxi and me sometimes got different understanding of the data he needed or the wrong but similar industry to analysis will lead our whole project to be late. Even it is little task to finish, I still believe they can think a better way to train us for the computer part and cooperation part. Better understanding will improve our efficiency a lot. My key learning for this part will be better understanding about funds market and Chinese financial market. After working with experts in this area, reading their words, I got a idea what information the company need and which direction I should pay attention to.
I got another job for marketing sales occasionally since the market crushed us a lot. Every internship student got this temporary position. My main goals are: first, collecting the sales and marketing information we need from the banks which are custodian for our fund products; second, introducing our new hot deals and products to the bank for the public subscription; third, bring some gifts and doing some basic services for keeping good relationships with the local branch bank for the future business.
Recommendations for the Sales and Marketing Department will be customizing products.
After I got the information from the market, such as demographic allocation, sales statistics, relationships to us and etc, our company should have individualized products for different sub-branch. Also, I also recommend to do some banks far from downtown but less competitors. They got huge potential but less funds company wants to get there because of higher time and money cost for doing business with. We can centralize on some special area to save that cost. My key learning will be I have chance to apply my


information into real markets, make the data produce money, have better understanding about how to use technology to do management for saving time and money.
Company background:
I interned in the Morgan Stanley its own funds company in China-Morgan Stanley
Huaxin Fund Management Company which is establish in 2008 in