Interpersonal Communication Essay

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There is so much information in this unit that I probably need a moment to process all of it before I can actually formulate any questions. However, I am certain I will eventually have several questions as I am intrigued with this course and want to get all I can from it. Interpersonal communication is basically defined as the act of sending and receiving messages. Successful interpersonal communication is determined by the degree of understanding by each party. “Inter’ means ‘between’ and ‘personal’ is two people. Therefore, ‘interpersonal communication’ means ‘communication between two people. The information in this unit tells me that I am always communication whether I wanted to or intended to. This being the case, it seems reasonable to presume wisdom in using it to my advantage, especially since it can not be avoided. Even when I am not speaking I am sending messages with body language and facial expressions. Maintaining awareness of this fact and utilize it for a positive impact is what this particular unit is about. It is important to understand that the message I send is irreversible. Once it is out there it is out there to stay. Any attempts to change that initial impact will usually be unsuccessful. That is why it is best to make the most of that opportunity by having make the concept work to my benefit. Interpersonal communication can be great asset when used correctly. It is important to be careful of the content of the messages I am participating in because once having been associated with a politically incorrect subject or topic that impression will usually remain despite any