Interpersonal Communication Analysis

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Relationships are powerful. Open communication between teacher and student is vital for information to be given. Using effective interpersonal communication is unquestionably important as it can prevent or solve problems, it can also be influential to better listening in a positive way. One-to-one connections are the foundations for change. In a medical situation, there can be serious implications and consequences if a student’s background prevents them from doing their job or completing a task in their role.
Building relationships between teacher and students with different cultural backgrounds is key to achieving significant goals (NIH, 2010). Factors such as race, culture, religion and gender must be taken into consideration when planning for
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Teachers knowledge of their student’s background and beliefs ensures they have the best possible opportunity to achieve their goals and progress towards graduation. Teachers and students learning is based on their previous educational experiences, personal and cultural beliefs (Yeun-Sim Jeong, n.d.). A sturdy and caring relationship is necessary to build trust and understanding. The process of interacting with diverse students involves assessing the signals the students send, recognising cultural problems, and identifying the barriers faced by the students (Yoder, 2001). The understanding of cultural views made in daily life such as what food is eaten, living arrangements made, medications taken, and medical needs allows teachers to guide decisions on building strategies relevant to students (Yoder, 2001). Considerations on values, beliefs, or behaviours need to be changed or if learning opportunities are to be provided for other students, so they can be recognised and understood. An example of this is