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Extra Credit Assignment
Amanda Levine
Interpersonal Processes
Due date: November 26

Personality Tests: Attachment style, Big five, & Self Monitoring In order to find out my attachment style, I participated in the Experiences in Close Relationships-Revised (ECR-R) questionnaire. I tried to answer all the questions as honestly as possible. According to the results, I received an attachment-related anxiety score of 2.94 out of 7. This shows that I am pretty low in avoidance. For the anxiety score I scored a 2.44 which is also pretty low. Adding the avoidance and anxiety scores I received the secure attachment style.
The results are accurate with the way I see myself. I do not feel nervous about my partner or people leaving me. I don’t worry that relationships wont last, I understand whatever happens is for a reason. I tend to be very expressive and have been satisfied with relationships. I am currently in a relationship, and I find it easy for me to become emotionally close to others. I find that my relationship

The second personality test was the Big Five Personality Test . Honestly, I didn't know what to expect I would receive on the score. I scored highest in the trait agreeableness with a score of 4.8 out of high. This means overall I try to help others. I agree, I always have enjoyed doing things for others and helping. I am a very affectionate and am known to be generous. I also scored high on the trait extraversion with a score of 4.4. I agree, I have always been a social person and very talkative. I get pleasure from communicating and being around others and I always have. I received a 4.2 score on conscientiousness. However, I am not always organized but work best when I am and have things planned. When I do a task I like it to be done to the best of my ability and don’t like things to be acceptable. I didn’t realize I had the conscientiousness personality trait until this questionnaire. I always thought I was more laid back and easy going. It makes sense, I like planned things and don’t like spur of the moment trips or activities. It makes sense that for openness I didn’t score as high, I received a 3.5. I sometimes am scared of change. Neuroticism I received a 2.8. I sometimes can be emotional and not always can handle everything as good as I wish I could.

The self monitoring scale measures the extent to which an individual has the will and ability to modify how they are perceived by others.The self-monitoring scale