Essay on Interpersonal Relations MidTerm Summer 2015

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Mid-Term Test
Course: EMPL1000
Nakeena Ousley
Class Time: 8:10a-9:50am
1. Four Communication Directions are:
Upward Communication
Downward Communication
Diagonal Communication
Horizontal Communication
2. Five components to a good handshake and introduction. Explain each
Firm handshake- shows self confidence
Web to web-put your right hand out and the web of skin between your thumb and pointer finger should touch the web of the other person
Eye contact- make eye contact with the person you shake hands with.
Say your name and repeat the other person’s name- so you know who you are speaking with and more likely to connect their name with a personal or professional interest.
Introducing two people- when introducing two people say both people’s names and try to tell something they have in common they can discuss.
3. Six basic etiquette when it comes to technology.
Use spell-check for e-mails
Don’t talk loudly on the phone in a public space
Don’t look at your phone while talking to someone else
Avoid letting “text speak” cross over into e-mails
Try to avoid multitasking with your phone in inappropriate places, such as when in the restroom
Don’t use a phone for calls or texts while at the dinner table
4. Ten General Etiquette for Career Success.
Don’t interrupt people
Always use please and thank you
RSVP when people send an invitation
Apologize if you make a mistake
Always send thank you notes when someone goes out their way for you
Hold the door (whether your male or female) if you get to the door first
Make eye contact
Don’t use swear words in a professional environment
Be on time for appointments.
5. Tips you should consider when dressing for an interview:
Dark neutral colors and a matching jacket, slakes or skirt the standard.
Shoes should be comfortable and polished
Cover yourself
Keep hair neat and off your face
6. Ten personality characteristics for success, when changing our behavior:
Good social skills
Reading body language
Goal oriented
Positive attitude
Managing emotions
Managing stress
7. Nine tips to Managing time that a person should consider:
Learning how to prioritize
Avoid multi-tasking
Don’t get distracted
Make a to-do list
Don’t over-work yourself
Be organized
Understand you work style
Don’t say yes to everything
Find ways to improve concentration
8. Seven warning signs of a lay-off:
Change in the economy
Changes in industry
Changes in an organization’s financial standing
Changes in management
Changes in behavior of managers, co-workers, and subordinates
Change in job responsibilities
Changes in performance feedback
9. Four C’s to be considered when using email as a communication:
10. Four reasons you may want to look for another job:
You are no longer challenged
You want to focus on a different specialty or skill set
You want to relocate
You have a business idea and decide to work for yourself
11. Three factors to be consider when selecting your next job:
12. Micromanagement: A style of management whereby a manager closely observes or controls the work of subordinates or employees. Generally, has a negative connotation.
13. The six common causes of workplace stress are:
Long hours and increased demands
Being treated unfairly
Little or no acknowledgement or reward
Lack of control
Lack of job security
Office policies
14. Type A Personality: Tends to be more time conscious, impatient, and preoccupied with tasks.
15. Type B Personality: More focused on the here and the now and are much more laid back.
16. The six major personal life stressors are:
Everyday challenges
Work-life balance
Life changes
Financial issues
Friends and family issues
17. Four signs that might show that you’ve outgrown your current organization:
You are no longer challenged
You want to focus on a different specialty or skill set
You want to relocate
You have a business idea and decide to…