Essay on Interpersonal Relationship

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A Friendship I’ll Cherish Forever

Honesty is the key to every successful good relationship. A good relationship is a relationship based on trust, loyalty, and respect. Without the three, a good relationship won’t be easy to maintain. A good relationship is something every human should experience. I think it is important because everyone could use an extra shoulder to lean on. Having a good relationship comes with a person that’s willing to except you for you. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience having a good relationship, rather it’s love or friendship wise. I feel as if any relationship can be good just as well as bed. I have one of the best relationships with my best friend, and our relationship means a lot to me. All relationships depend on strength of attention. I consider my relationship with my best friend a good relationship mainly because we communicate, we’re loyal, and we are honest with one another. Although we have our ups and downs, we still manage to love one another unconditionally. Throughout our entire nine year friendship, we’ve grown to respect one another more and more each day. It seems just like yesterday when we met. Since the beginning, we’ve been honest with each other. We have been there for each other through everything. Our bond is unbreakable and I’ll always love her. She has always been an extra shoulder to lean on. Whenever I need anything, I can go to her and it’s vice versa. Growing up it was more than just us two. There were a whole