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Address the question first.
Relationships are the connection we have with our family and our friends. However relationships are usually emotional and complicated. They normally changes over time.
In the novel Looking for Alibrandi, it’s all about the different variety of relationships and how they develop and change over time. These are familial relationships, parental relationships, romantic relationships, and school friendships.

Josehpine has a typical relationship with her family, not only because of her Italian family background, but also because she was born into a single parent family and she is an illegitimate child. Josephine lives with her mother Christina, and has an extended family that relates to her Nonna Katia. There are many problems she has accumulated in her head during these extracts. These involve her hatred of being illegitimate, her hatred of Nonna, her frustrations with living in an Italian culture that has ridiculous rules and restrictions, and her frustration at having to deal with her newly found father.
Some examples are : From extract 3, “ I had a one hour hating nonna session. I hated her because she never had anything nice to say about Mama. I hated her because...” Anaphora is used to show that Josie really dislikes many things about her grandmother, the relationship between them is not a positive one. Also it shows that Christina doesn’t have a very close relationship with her mother as well, there seems to be lots of conflicts between them. “I ‘ll leave and never have anything to do with my family again” strong modality used to show all her frustration towards her family and the things she has to face in her teenage years. The relationship between Katia and Michael was good because he is a successful man. There is an example from the first extract. “your socialite grandmother will make sure we see plenty of him. She’ll be his surrogate” adjectives and emotive terms used to show that Katia will take on a mother’s role and be nice to Michael.

The first relationship we have is with our parents, and what Josephine had is different to others. She has a single mother and her newly found father. A good relationship is built up on communication. Communication is extremely important. Josie and her mother are a very good example of a positive relationship. For example from extract 1, “ How did it feel? To see him, I mean. Did you hate him? Love him? Anything? “ Sets of questions are used to show that Josie is asking her mother’s inner thoughts about her father, also tells us Josie had a really close relationship with her mother and they speak honestly. Parents usually know their children very well. “ Josephine, you can’t handle it. You think you can, but I know you” confident and mocking tone used to show that Christina knows her daughter very well just like other mothers. It is only the way Josephine thinks. In extract 3, “I would open my mouth and nothing would come out. Nothing right, anyway.” First person used in “ I would” to show Josie’s extreme shock at having to deal with her newly found father. The relationship between josie and her father changed over time. Josie’s view on her father changed after calling him out of work just for her mess. “ oh great. I have to try to get you out of this mess after you hit a girl for nothing” He had a frustrated tone to show his annoyance towards his daughter not telling the truth. As well, “ Josephine, don’t waste my time. “ Strong modality is also used to put a pressure on Josie. This also tells us that he is an intelligent, conscientious man.

Love is the most romantic thing in our life. Everyone needs love. Love can also be positive or negative. Extract 6 introduced us to Josie’s boyfriend, Jacob. The best words to describe their relationship are sharp and conflicting. Jacob and Josie seem to be very different, not only because they go to different schools, but also because of their personality and culture. There are