Essay on Interpersonal Relationship and Findley

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Mrs. Diamond, P.
Monday March 10, 2015
Bond with Nature
Relationships are very important in life, it helps build character, and the relationships made along the way builds an individual’s future. In Timothy Findley’s the wars, Findley introduces Robert Ross, Robert relationships with nature is more intimate than the connections Robert makes with other people. All relationships made with humans end up failing, Robert’s bond with nature is much closer. The first women introduced in the book is Mrs. Ross, Robert’s mother, although Robert and her have very weak connections she still loves him in her own way, but after the death of Rowena the relationship between Robert and his mother was even weak as they were both devastated, Robert was put in charge of killing Rowena’s rabbits failing to do so, Robert later wanted to join the army Mrs. Ross tells his “I know you’re going to go away and be a solider. Well-you can go to hell” (Findley 23), because of the death of Rowena and Robert becoming a soldier, Mrs. Ross’s relationship with Robert is ruined. Robert’s relationship with his mother appears to be nothing but hate as the story progresses, Mrs. Ross relationship with Robert ends up in a disaster as even at the end when Robert dies she didn’t show up for his funeral, Mrs. Ross
Bahoo 2 has a hard time caring and loving others and that could have been the reason on why Robert wanted to leave home to be a soldier for escape.
Secondly the relationships between Robert Harris, the relationship between Robert and Harris is very different from Robert’s other relationships, Harris a solider he meets in the war becomes good friends with Robert. Later on “Robert and Harris were in the infirmary at Shorncliffe together-Harris is getting worse and worse and Robert recovering his legs.” (Findley 116). Harris dies and Robert losses another friend, every person Robert get closely attached to ends up dying or hurt. The relationship between Robert and Harris could also be related back to the relationship between Robert and his sister Rowena, they were also in love, but like any other character Robert get closer to they always turn out bad, just like Harris Rowena also dies leaving Robert with hardly anyone that he is really close to or with.
Also Juliet and Robert have a relationship between them, Robert remembers Rowena through Juliet making him more open with Juliet about his life and past. Robert betrays their relationship by making out with Barbra Juliet’s sister, and as a silly prank Juliet sneaks up on then while they were making love “but the shape of it confused me. The shape and the violence” (Findley 178). Juliet watches them knowing in the back of her mind they were making love but she is thinks that they are hurting each other, same as Robert was confused seeing Taffler and
Swede, their relationship together changed after that as Juliet was stripped from her innocence. The human relationships Robert makes all turn out horrible, Robert is missing the human connections he needs from other because every human he encounters results in a terrible accident.
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The bond Robert shows with animals is much more closer than he shows with humans, when Rowena died Robert was in charge of killing the rabbits, and when he fail to do it his father gets a butcher to kill them, even though they going to die, as soon as Robert sees the butcher kill them he “lunged, butting his head like a battering ram between the giant’s shoulder blades” (Findley 20). Robert even after he is in charge of kill the animals he does his best to protect them, this demonstrates how close Robert is to nature and animals.
Another reason Robert is more connected to nature than other people is displayed when Robert saves the little