Interpersonal Relationship and Social Care Worker Essay

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Ai The first difference between a working relationship and a personal relationship is that in a working one you are rewarded with pay for your time and effort. Whereas in a personal relationship one is not reward by pay it is simply for the enjoyment and friendship.

The second difference is that in a personal relationship that information about each other goes two ways. You both tend to know background and private information about the other. However in a working relationship the service provider tends to know all the information about the service user, however they do not tend to know sensitive information about their personal carer.

The third difference is that in a working relationship the service user needs to be able to trust you and your position and that private and sensitive personal information will not be shared unless absolutely necessary and then only to the appropriate people in the profession. This is governed by the law of confidentiality and of duty of care. Whereas in a personal relationship we can make our own judgment whether to share our own private information or not and this is not governed by any laws.

Aii One working relationship would be between two people with the same job title for example; support assistants. Both at the same level within the work environment and they both have the same roles and responsibilities.

A second would be between two with different job titles, for example; support assistant and a manager. One is higher up in the work environment and they have different roles and responsibilities than the other.

Aiii It is important that social care workers and service users and their families work together so that there is continuity in the way the individual is cared for. This will make things a lot less complex for everyone involved and it will help to make the maximum progress.

Also it is important the social care worker involves the individual in question and their families because they feel like they have a say and are involved in the decisions otherwise they can become withdrawn and their self-esteem and self-worth will dramatically decrease. Also if they don’t feel involved they may feel more inclined not to cooperate.

A third point why it is important for a social care worker to involve individual and their family is because the individual may not be capable of making their own choices, unable to communicate or still classed as a minor. The families and social care worker can both give insight and come