Interpersonal Relationship and Social Support Essay

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This summer was a very eventful and traumatic experience for me with lots of social support revolving around me and the events I was experiencing. I had three consecutive back surgeries that got more and more complicated as they went and as a result put me in a very unstable social mindset. Without the social support of my mother, father, and friends my mental state of being would have deteriorated at an even quicker rate. I am eternally grateful for the support I received and feel obliged to pay it forward as a result of my struggles and the benefits I received from that support. The support people offered me was endless. For example my mother essentially moved to San Diego for the summer in order to stay with me in the hospital and take care of me physically and more importantly to take care of me mentally. She would always bring a positive mindset and not become negative or down, while consistently trying to lift my spirits and bring a smile to my face. Other loved ones would call or text me everyday telling me that they were thinking about me or lending a few positive words of encouragement which went along way when being in such a low spot. My best friend took off work and flew out to San Diego for a weekend to stay with me so I could comfortably be around someone my age for a while. While the physical healing was a slow process, these signs of support took me a long way and helped me out mentally, which I believe led to a quicker physical healing pace. For each individual the factors of when social support is necessary and needed vary, everyone has their own personal life where levels of support differentiate depending on what they are going through in life. Speaking through my own personal experience, I find that I need social support when I’m losing the mental battle or being heavily affected by prescription medicine. For me, those two elements go hand in hand, if one’s mind is being altered and they are left to bathe in their own negative thoughts it can be a brutally negative downward spiral that can get extremely dangerous quickly. Another factor is dependent on who the social support is coming from; someone you love or just another person. When it’s someone whom you have an intimate relationship with, I believe the social support goes a lot further internally for the person who is in need. Acts