Interpersonal Relationship and Twentieth Anniversary Essay

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Committed Relationships
There are still those couples who have remained happily together until death did them part. Few and far between as it seems or maybe as it has always been. I’ve known my share of those who unhappily committed as well and I’d rather not go there. I conversed with an older friend of mine who just celebrated her twentieth anniversary. This particular couple has been my reinforcement that relationships can make it today. This is how she says her and her significant other keep it all together.
I asked her first if it’s any different now than it was in the first couple of years. She answered with “Well, yes (hesitates) and no. Naturally, like most all new couples you’re all over each other at first sexually. You do put on your best behavior and you do always want to (laughs) look your hottest.” She continued “But (hesitates again) even in the beginning you talk and discuss anything from politics to what turns you on the most and of course you get to know each other to some degree.” She added “We we’re and still are like a lot of couples but with that we really, really are best of friends too. Another thing is that passion doesn’t have to fade in a marriage nor should mutual respect, honesty, or what magnetized you to begin with.”
I asked what her thoughts were on cheating. Her reply was “You know, when you cheat you’re only cheating yourself. If you’re really focused on your partner and can keep that newness feeling alive from time to time straying shouldn’t be a problem. It’s well known to both of us that such instant gratification in the end only brings heartache, loss, and whole lot of other terrible changes to life.” I had to wonder myself why would anyone disrespect their relationship like that and deeply hurt the one they’re with? The one they chose to be with. I could really never comprehend any of the excuses I’ve heard for infidelity, or any other form of disregard for your marriage.
My good friend and I also discussed respect within a marriage. It’s a fact that not everyone is in agreement all of time. People will have disagreements, and even arguments. Things should never have to