Interpersonal Relationships Essay

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English Project

English Project Communication is a very important feature of personality. It is communication that binds two people and brings them together at a common platform. In order to establish a successful professional or personal relationship one has to know how to communicate properly. The use of words, sentences and phrases is an important part of communicating well. In order to decipher the relationship level between two people there are many websites that offer comparison tools that can help two people realize the similarities and differences between their communicating styles. One such website that was used for this task was the ‘Language Style Matching’ website that offers a platform to compare samples of two peoples’ writing styles and then based upon their criteria of comparing people’s age, gender and compatibility they assess the relationship levels. The website offers a platform to compare the writing and characters based upon the samples of writing. But I personally do not agree with the results of the website. It is just a mechanical tool that can provide mechanical results but cannot assess the real compatibility among two people. According to Fincham, F.D., (2010), compatibility is something that is based upon thoughts and connection not just communication styles. The website is also not accurate in terms of comparison of the communication as well. The terms that are used to define and compare the relationship and communication style is not explained properly in this. The website might provide an overview of the factors involved but it does not provide accurate results. The results are not reliable. Communication is a trait that can be assessed only when proper assessment is done but this website only performs a basic test to compare the communication styles and declare results that are unreliable. The language of every individual is different. People have their own languages and their own communication methods vary accordingly. It is the sole discretion of the individual how he wants to talk and what should be his appropriate language. Communication exercises might improve the situation but it cannot be assured by the websites. Use of such websites mostly provides a superficial view of things and does not satisfy the real curiosity. According to Berscheid, E., (1999), Interpersonal relationships are too deep to be understood and their roots are not connected with only communication styles. People that have