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Interpersonal Relationship Essay Whether someone is friends, family members, or intimate partners I don’t feel there is any way out of ever experiencing an interpersonal relationship. An Interpersonal relationship is association between two people who are interdependent and use some consistent patterns of interaction (113). Interpersonal relationships also involve two people who have interacted for a long period of time (113). Interpersonal relationships have steps that help build the relationship. These steps include developing, maintaining, initiation, deterioration, and termination of the relationship (123). I have experienced an interpersonal relationship and followed the steps that mold an interpersonal relationship. Back in the year of 2009 I experienced an interpersonal relationship with someone who started as a friend of mine. I feel that we built this relationship because we both felt comfortable with each other and we were compatible at the beginning of the relationship. We went through development which is the first stage in an interpersonal relationship (123). We developed our relationship by meeting each other’s family and discovering something new about one another day by day. We lived in the same area which is why I feel we built a stronger relationship. The fact that he attended college and I attended high school was another important factor in our relationship because we both felt education was the only way to become successful. Because we had so many things in common and it seemed we were so similar, everything was perfect. Our relationship was initiated which is another stage in an interpersonal relationship where everything such as similarities, complementariness, and responsiveness is formed (126). We initiated that we were going to become a couple since we shared the same beliefs and goals. Not only were we similar, he was attractive and from my understanding, I was his main focus. I felt like I could talk to him about any and everything which is important in a relationship. Communication was easy for the both of us at first. We always called each other morning, noon, and night. If I felt there was an issue I would never hesitate to let him know and vice-versa. We maintained a steady and open way of communicating. Whenever there was something that needed to be addressed, instead of texting him or calling, I would drive to his house or we would meet somewhere local. All of a sudden the visits turned into calls and the calls turned into text messages. I started to realize that this wasn’t healthy at all. Soon, our relationship went from healthy to stressful. When we went out to dinners or dates everything became boring and there was little to no communication. For example,If I asked a question such as “How was your day?” He kept the response brief with a short “Good” or “Bad”. It seemed our whole relationship changed. When we didn’t communicate, that led to distance and too much space which in our case wasn’t good. One day I took it upon myself to ask him what his opinion were on the evolution of our relationship. He explained that I worked a little too much for his liking. And he was making a decision to go to California for school. I had no idea he had thoughts of making this decision without discussing my thoughts on his decision. I didn’t want to agree with him at all but it was how he felt and his opinion so there wasn’t much I could do nor say. We eventually tried to fix things and