Interprofessional Communication Analysis

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This essay will focus on how interprofessional communication can impact on safety and quality of care the service users receive. It will also look at how accurate information sharing can impact on the safety of service users using my practice placement experience. Wright et al. (2012) suggest that communication is a process that involves a sender, a receiver, a message and a channel. Effective communication is one of the professional standard of practice stipulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC, 2015). As a result of this, interprofessional communication is important if nurses and other professionals are to deliver quality care and meet the health needs of the service users.
Interprofessional communication is important because
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Different professions have ethics and values and they put these into practice when they come in contact with the service user. This was supported by (Thistlethwaite , 2012) However, if professionals are not communicating, this may lead to poor care, missing of vital information and, in extreme circumstances, may lead to the death of the service user as was seen in Lord Laming’s report of Baby P (Department of Children, Schools and Families, 2009) and Victoria Climbie (Department of Education, 2003). These two reports identified poor interprofessional communication during the care of these two children. The Winterbourne View (DH, 2012) report exposed the poor quality care at a National Health Service hospital. The report identified poor interprofessional communication among professionals and other service …show more content…
At the meeting learning disability nurse communicate with the psychologist to update the Section 17 leaves for service users under the Mental Health Act, (1983). Section 17 leave is important to the service users because it allows them interacting with their community. Interacting with their community improves their psychological and sociological well-being. This was supported by the “Valuing People Now” initiative (Department of Health, 2010). On the other hand, if the Section 17 records are not updated regularly, it may put members of the public at risk, and it may also put the life of the service users at risk. The updating and keeping of service users’ records was reinforced by the NMC code of conduct (2015), which state that nurses must have a good communication and record keeping