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Political Science 101

Interest groups and Political Parties

Many of the world’s nations have multiparty political systems. Discuss the reasons why the United States has a two-party system. Is the two-party system best for our country or should we encourage the development of a multiparty system? Why or why not?

Although many countries have a multiparty political system and the wealthiest country in the world Qatar has no political party system; the United States has a two-party system. The reason's why the United States still has a two-party system because of the historical basis. Our country began using a two-party system and we have never changed our way of doing things. Another reason why America has a two-party system is because of how our electoral system is set up. We choose only between the two parties and the one with the most votes has the higher power. The United States also keeps a two-party system due to its traditional aspects. Once a country begins forming all of it's policies and procedures it is difficult to change something that feels so set in stone. We need to begin to encourage a multiparty system in the United States. The reason being is because a two-party system inflates the importance of the center and marginalizing all other view points. Because we vote and have only two important parties to vote this does very little and leaves a lot up to the swing voters. By having this set up it lacks the impression that the American people's views form a type of “bell curve” that bulges at the center. A multiparty system makes more sense than a two-party system. The legislative assembly is considered to be the collective brain for society. Unfortunately, a two-party system distorts the habits of thinking and lowers things into two alternatives. However, there are more than just two sides to any questions. An individual needs to have the ability to look at a problem from every side to see all possibilities to make a decision. Also, a multiparty system opens up the range of policy options that need to be placed on the public agenda for discussion. A multiparty system would also be great in order to create each party working individually on a constructive role on its own. It would also create a more efficient means for the entire country and we would begin to thrive beyond our wildest dreams. Short Answers

1. Define interest group and discuss several purposes interest groups serve in American politics.
The definition of an interest group is an organization of certain people that share a common objective and are actively attempting to influence the government policy makers with direct and indirect methods. No matter what the interest groups goals may be they will be found on every level and every branch in the government. Interest groups serve many purposes in American politics. A big part of what interest groups do is solve problems. Interest groups use lobbyists who make sure to convey the interest groups opinions to the government. Interest groups are also used to help the government understand what the people of America want and help make our government more efficient and effective.
2. Describe the various types of interest groups that participate in American politics. How do they differ from political parties?
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