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Intervention Resources

In the state of Ga there are many intervention resources in my area I have only been living here for about six months so I really don’t know that much about the area to really give a complete evaluative essay on the subject. I did find many in my research and I have some family who I talked to about some of the resources here. I understand that some of the intervention agencies are hard to access like Domestic Violence agencies because of clients protection, they don’t want to exposed information about the where about of the clients because it could bring harm to the clients if the information get to the abuser or the wrong person.
Child Abuse/Family Preservation
Family First was established in 1890 as an orphanage for homeless girls progressing each year to changing needs of family it has a proven record of helping families from all walks of life who face challenges in their life. Family First is a trusted partner of the public and private sector and serve as a resource for different organization throughout the United States, with programs that are used in more than 40 states and around the world. Family First are committed to their clients offering approachable solutions whenever families need them wherever they may live. They have numerous locations, collaborations with community partners and virtual services, Family First responds whenever and wherever they are needed. Family First offer a variety of programs design to help each client regain their life back which include the following; Adoption Services, Counseling and Support, Parenting Life and Family Education, Employee Assistance Program, Foster Care, Georgia Center for Resources and Support. The pros I found with Family First is that is has been around for centuries, it is a global agency who help families all over the world, I did not find any cons with the agency. Domestic Violence
Women Resource Center to End Domestic Violence, was established in 1986 with a mission to end domestic violence, to meet the need of batter women and their children in a diverse community by providing emergency shelter and services while working to change the system that enable violence through education and advocacy. WCR offer a safehouse program that provide temporary housing in a secure and confidential location for women and their children, the program is designed to help those who reside at the safehouse to regain self strength, and motivation to work towards their future goals and to transition into a safe and stable living situation. Other programs offer by WRC is a 24 Hour Hotline, Legal Advocacy, Consultations with Volunteers Lawyers, Supports Groups, Making Change, Family Advocacy, Child and Youth Advocacy, Supervised Visitation at Nia’s Place, Dating Violence Prevention and Community Education. The Pros is WRC involves the community to help make a difference in a family life that has been subjected to domestic violence, I did not find any cons with this agency.
Substance Abuse
Mary Hall Freedom House located in Atlanta, GA established in 1996 is a nonprofit organization and national leader in specific gender treatment agency, housing, treatment and support services that help women with children break the cycle of poverty, addiction and homelessness. Mary Hall Freedom House offer a variety of program to women and their children like behavioral service, child and family services, medical services, housing services, career and supportive services. The agency also provides program like recovery oriented services, mental health services, veteran housing and other support services that are accredited by CARF (the Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) and licensed by the state of Georgia. The pros I find is Mary Hall Freedom House offer a variety of program for women and their children who can